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Chocolate & Bars

CHOCZERO DARK CHOCOLATE ALMOND KETO BARK SUGAR FREEA delicious dark chocolate bar sweetened with monk fruit instead of sugar: experience sweet co..
DARK CHOCOLATE CHIPS - SUGAR FREE, LOW CARBOur sugar free dark chocolate chips use the same high quality ingredients we've become renowned for.Each de..
DARK CHOCOLATE COCONUT KETO BARK - SUGAR FREE, LOW CARBDeliciously tropical coconut and healthy 55% cocoa sugar free dark chocolate. What's not to lov..
CHOCZERO DARK CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT KETO BARK - SUGAR FREE, LOW CARBThe combination of crunchy hazelnuts, sea salt and our 55% dark chocolate has to be e..
DARK CHOCOLATE PEANUT KETO BARK - SUGAR FREE, LOW CARBA sophisticated snack for dark chocolate lovers, this keto bark combines our sugar free 55% coco..
DARK CHOCOLATE PECAN KETO BARK - SUGAR FREE, LOW CARBIt's hard to stick to a sugar free lifestyle without some treats and our special Dark Chocolate P..